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The founder of Moore’s Barbershop is remembered for the small things that made a big difference

It’s less than a week before Christmas and Moore’s Barbershop is bustling.

Mask-wearing barbers are clipping, trimming, and shaving hair, while several customers wait for their chance in the chair at the small shop on Langston Blvd. There’s an echo of chatter, conversations ranging from politics to football to a mutual friend who got a new job.

Arlington barber giving back-to-school free haircuts and much more

‘Kuts For Kids’ means a free back-to-school haircut at Moore’s Barber Shop in Arlington, Va. for youth. The free haircuts are part of the Building Blocks Mentoring Program. Sign up at:

Giving back to the community With 'Kuts For Kids'

It’s free back-to-school haircuts for kids at Moore’s Barber Shop in Arlington, Va. ‘Kuts For Kids’ is part of the Building Blocks Mentoring Program supporting community youth. Sign up at:

DC area barbershop preps kids for school with free haircuts

Moore’s Barber Shop in Arlington is part of the initiative, ‘Kuts For Kids,’ with Building Blocks Mentoring Program giving kids free back-to-school haircuts. Sign up at:

Moore’s Barber on Legacy Business Arlington

Mr. Jim Moore, Sr., started the barber shop in 1960, originally with a partner and at a different location a few blocks down on Lee Highway (where the KFC is now). The younger Mr. Moore started working in the shop when he was 7 years old, sweeping the floors and doing other odds and ends for a dollar per day. This continued through his youth. In 1991 he started working there full time as a barber, which allowed Mr. Moore Sr. to step back a bit from his work until he fully retired in 2002.

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Extra Coronavirus Precautions Draw New Customers to Moore’s Barber Shop

While the coronavirus has stifled the sense of communion, his shop is now known for a different reason: COVID-19 accommodations.

Through word of mouth and social media, customers are coming in from Maryland and Washington, D.C. to check out his virus-resistant operations, he said.

“I had a barber shop from Delaware that called and asked me what my procedures and policies were, and who I was ordering supplies from,” he said. “They heard I’m doing it the way you’re supposed to do it.”

New Pilot Program is Bringing Books to a Barbershop on Lee Highway

Longtime Lee Highway business Mr. Moore’s Barber Shop is piloting a new program pairing kids coming in for haircuts with free books.

“We specifically chose Moore’s Barbershop because it is an Arlington institution,” said Jennifer Sauter-Price, who founded the nonprofit behind the program, Read Early And Daily. “Everyone knows about it, and he has customers for years and others who drive from far away for his services.”

The nonprofit began dropping off books at the barbershop earlier this month and lets kids pick out their favorite to take home. Sauter-Price says she handpicks books that showcase diversity and partners with organizations like First Book and Scholastic Literacy Partnerships, which buy copies for them.

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