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Welcome to Mr Moore's Barbershop
Since 1960

My father, James Moore Sr. started the barbershop in 1960 with the intention of servicing the whole community irrespective of race, or sexual orientation. Mr. Moore was born in Turkey, North Carolina in 1933. Raised in a small town instilled in him authentic down home character traits that would serve him well for a lifetime. Honesty, humbleness and a true enjoyment of being around people was the cornerstone of his barbershop right from the beginning. His wisdom and broad smile were his calling cards that he gave away freely and attracted many from the community.
“Mr. Moore” as he was known quickly became a man to be respected in Arlington county and beyond and became a role model for scores of young black men looking for examples of success. James Moore had three children that were educated in the Arlington county school system and became successful in their own right. I started working for my dad in the shop at the age of seven and spent decades working side by side learning the trade. Mr. Moore retired after 40 years of service and passed the torch on to me. Today, I proudly answer to the moniker of Mr. Moore owner of Mr Moore’s Barber Shop and community leader. The barbershop continues to thrive and grow by following the simple tenet that served my father so well “provide great service with a smile.”

Our master barbers

Clay Pinson

Clay, a Master Barber with over 18 years of experience.

Mr. Moore

Mr. Moore trained for ten years under his father (and Master Barber) Mr. James Moore Sr., and completed his formal barber licensing process through the Commonwealth of Virginia apprenticeship program.

Mr. Moore is a licensed Master Barber with over 30-years of experience specializing in all types of hair and styles.  Mr. Moore’s artistic eye and steady hands create custom work upon request.

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